So today I have decided to do a spot for Lashblast Volume Mascara by Cover girl. I am, in general, annoyed with all mascara commercials. Not only are they all EXACTLY the same, but they are all unrealistic, and make girls look like idiots and bimbos. /end rant. 

    I’ll quickly give you a product overview: Above is a photo of Lashblast Mascara by Cover girl. It is actually a really good mascara, I’ve used it myself. It’s like every other mascara on the market, except with a larger, and better brush. Boys, if you don’t know what mascara is, it’s a dark pasty liquid that is brushed on to girls eyelashes to make them look darker and longer.  

    So anyways, back to what I was saying about how I am annoyed with mascara commercials. I don’t want to be a mega debby downer about cosmetic advertising, but I can’t help it. As a general rule of thumb, if you have nice eyelashes, any mascara will work, and if you have bad eyelashes, no mascara will fix it. HOWEVER Lashblast volume by CG actually does help darken, and make eyelashes appear darker without adding clumps like most mascaras. 


    So what is it about the advertising for not only cover girls lashblast, but all mascara’s that annoys me? The over dramatization about it. How can I tell which mascara is actually going to work, when all the commercials show girls with crazy fake eyelashes on. It’s so un-genuine, that I usually just pick up what ever mascara looks the coolest, or is on sale. No girl is going to use a mascara, and with one upward stroke have 6x the length and have model eyes. I feel like P&G thinks girls are stupid enough to believe this, or want to try it. It’s almost insulting to me, as a female, that ALL mascara companies think they can trick us into believing this stuff really does what it says. It’s kind of like when you see a commercial for a weightloss product, and you think you’re going to buy this magic pill, and lose all this weight, but you know it wont actually work, but you buy it anyways because you’re desperate. Mascara commercials make girls feel desperate. I’ve decided. 

    SO WWTD ?

    I would cut the crap and remove the fake eyelashes right away. If CG actually stood out, and made a commercial about their mascara that was “real”, I think the target audience would really connect well with it. There are SO many brands of mascara out there, girls want to see how the mascara ACTUALLY WORKS. Not fake unachievable eyelashes, but real, regular girls using the product and demonstrating how it actually does help with length and darkness of the lash. 


    - Girls on the beach, no make up, having drinks, soaking up the sun- must be obvious that they have bare, make-up-less faces. Night comes around, and  they’ve lost track of time, and need to get ready for the night in a hurry. They get in the car, flip down the mirrors, and pull out a tube of CG mascara, the camera watches them apply it to their naked eyelashes, and demonstrates the lashes transforming from a careless beachy look, to a sexy (and realistic) night-time make up look in just a few minutes (not in .5 seconds like the stupid commercials show).

    - Testimonial approach- usually I hate testimonials and think they’re stupid and a cheap  way of advertising, but if there was real girls, demonstrating their REAL lashes being made beautiful by this mascara, other girls would be much more likely to trust CG. Since there are NO OTHER commercials out there that show girls with real eyelashes, this could be a refreshing and likely successful approach.

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